Kat and Andy's Indian Adventure (Part One!)

Background ~ World travelers, professional photographers, and LOWA Renegade boot lovers, Kat & Andy are off on a photo safari. This is the first of their posts from the field. Visit A. Hettinger Photography by clicking here.

We arrived in Mumbai after midnight. I craned my neck to see the sights and sounds of this foreign city, but my travel fatigue had another idea... I gave in to sleep to get my body clock familiar with Mumbai time...

 Five hours later, we awoke to see construction and fog outside our window. Bummer, I thought, I just want to dive in and get a feel for this new foreign city. And, dive in we did, starting with a tour of Mumbai.

Our guide, Lakshmi Kishore, has a smile that never fades.

 We began by checking out the Dhobi Ghat area, which is, essentially an outdoor commercial laundromat, serving the needs of Mumbai hotels, etc.

Families have built their own washers (wells) and dryers (clothes lines) ~ passing this laundry business down from generation to generation.

 Different families work as one; there is a coding system in place to divide all the laundry and processes. A fascinating business model that only these workers understand.

 From there, we went to the Gandhi Museum, which was his friend's house, where he frequently stayed in Mumbai, and also where he was arrested:

Gandhi Museum
 We also visited a Harry Krisn temple ~

 The temple is a bright and bustling placed, filled with energetic people, prayer, music and smiles:

 We strolled through the hanging gardens, spotting vultures circling the Towers of Silence, at the edge of the park. Lakshmi explained that these towers are owned by the Parsi, people originally from Iran who follow the Zoroastrian faith that migrated to India.

 They believe the elements of earth, water, wind and fire to be sacred, so to lay their dead to rest they place the bodies in the Towers of Silence to be picked clean by vultures.

The Gateway is a towering reception hall built for the visit of George V and Queen Mary in 1911 (though it was not completed until years later.)
We ended our day at the Gateway to India, Mumbai's most famous landmark, with Kat clowning it up her purple LOWA Renegades. It attracted a big crowd of people! They kept scratching their heads, taking pictures of us, our Renegade boots, even hovering over the shoes to figure out just what the heck was going on.

Now, we rest for tomorrow we're hopping a boat to Elephanta Island. Stay tuned...

Where have YOU been in YOUR Lowa boots? Got a story?
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Lakshmi A said…
Kat and Andy I loved hearing about your adventure tours.Really your Renegade shoes were a big hit amongst we locals.I can never forget the crowd at Gateway watching you. Thanks for all your nice words.Gives me a reason to keep smiling more.

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