Kahna National Park

Finally! The day has arrived to embark on our safari.

We met in the lobby of the Singinawa Jungle Lodge, our home for the next 3 days.

We arrived at Kahna National Park well ahead of its opening time of 6 a.m., and were the 2nd jeep into the park.

Khana is the largest National Park in Central India, and our main goal was to view tigers in their natural habitat.

Given their numbers in India, we had the best park to find them, but we knew we might leave without seeing any of them.

Thankfully Kahna is rich in other wildlife – our first day out we were greeted by the park’s most popular inhabitants – Spotted Deer and Common Langurs.

They have an interesting relationship where monkeys - generally high in the trees - call out warning signs to the deer if they spot tigers.

The deer return the favor by giving alarm calls when the monkeys are on the ground and the deer have the higher vantage point.

We also stumbled across some wild boar and dog-like Jackals, who were trying to set up a kill of a Spotted Deer. One male deer, with enormous horns, stood his ground between the two, forcing the Jackals to move on.

And as we saw too many species of birds to list, the one that stood out to us was the Jungle Owlet. We must have spent about 20 minutes watching this little guy, calling and waiting for him to turn his head and show us those magnificent eyes.

All in all, we were richly rewarded on our first Indian safari day.

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