Elephant Ride

The highlight of our second day in Kahna National Park, India, was an elephant ride through the jungle to continue our search for tigers.

We met the Mahaud, the owner and driver, who has trained his elephants to understand an astonishing number of commands.

The Mahaud uses a stick to tap the elephant and he also uses his feet to tap against the elephant’s head guiding them through the brush. We sat back-to-back to balance ourselves and headed off down a dusty path towards a watering hole known for tigers ~ about 30 minutes into the jungle.

We walked up rises and steep rocky trails and eventually arrived at a popular water hole for most of the wildlife in the reserve. Unfortunately, no tigers.

On the way home we made our own path through the dense jungle.

And, here we discovered the most remarkable thing about our elephant friends... The elephant is trained to step on certain trees or rip them out with his trunk so they don’t hit those of us on his back and knock us off.

We came back out of the jungle having had an experience like no other.

We heard the tigers calling to one another, heard the jungle animals send out their warnings, but the tigers we so hoped to see did not came into sight.

The pressure to photograph these magnificent animals is building...

Andy Hettinger, Lowa Field Ambassador and Professional Photography is on a photo safari in the wilds of India.

Stay tuned for more posts and more stunning photographs from his latest adventure..


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