My 80's Boots Still Work Like a Charm!

My 80's LOWA Ski Boots are still rippin' it up in Colorado!
In the mid 80's I started skiing in Germany. Had a hard time finding ski boots that fit my feet: skinny ankles, high arches, narrow feet, sensitive toes. Tried several styles but none worked for me. Had severe pain every time I skied and was about ready to give up.

 Then I found the relatively new "Air" Lowas with the pump bulb in the back of the shoe. They worked wonderfully! But I only had about 4 years of 1-2 weeks of skiing until I moved to the US. I left my skies in Germany, but brought my boots with me, knowing that it would be difficult to find something that worked so well.

 For the next 20 (twenty) years, I would keep them in my closet in the basement. Consistent temperature, but no use because skiing wasn't at the top of my list of things to do.

Now, in 2013, I decided to try skiing again. First I rented a pair of boots, hated them, had cold feet and the same problems I had in the 80s.

Then I remembered my beloved Lowas. It took me a while to remember where I had them stored, and when I found them, I was sure the air bladder would be leaky and the inner boot brittle and useless. To my surprise the air bladder was perfectly fine, and the inner boot still solid, tight and comfortable.

Everyone warned me about using an old pair of boots, but given that they didn't feel worn out or compressed at all, I tried them last weekend on a wonderful blue sky, fresh powder snow in Colorado. They worked like a charm!! Just like I had remembered them. Snug, warm, comfy! Will use them now until they fall off my feet!

Attached photo shows me with my 80's boots last weekend. Happy day!

Thank you for great quality shoes Lowa! 
Heike N.
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