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In July of 2012, I was one of a six member team of women from an Adventure/Philanthropy group called "Road Monkey" that traveled to Africa.

We climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and then went to Zanzibar where we put new cement flooring in 5 classrooms at the Babubu Elementary School.

After these incredible life changing experiences I also had the opportunity to go on a week Safari! The whole trip was amazing.

Before I left I had a lot of decisions to make about what to pack. Bringing my Lowa Boots was a no brainer.

I even bought a new pair that was a little bigger than the old (for my orthodics) and didn't even worry about breaking them in. I knew that they would be light, comfortable, and would give me the support that I needed.

I had my friends take pictures of me and my Lowas because I love my boots.

Thanks, LOWA! 
~ Jo
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My 80's Boots Still Work Like a Charm!

In the mid 80's I started skiing in Germany. Had a hard time finding ski boots that fit my feet: skinny ankles, high arches, narrow feet, sensitive toes. Tried several styles but none worked for me. Had severe pain every time I skied and was about ready to give up.

 Then I found the relatively new "Air" Lowas with the pump bulb in the back of the shoe. They worked wonderfully! But I only had about 4 years of 1-2 weeks of skiing until I moved to the US. I left my skies in Germany, but brought my boots with me, knowing that it would be difficult to find something that worked so well.

 For the next 20 (twenty) years, I would keep them in my closet in the basement. Consistent temperature, but no use because skiing wasn't at the top of my list of things to do.

Now, in 2013, I decided to try skiing again. First I rented a pair of boots, hated them, had cold feet and the same problems I had in the 80s.

Then I remembered my beloved Lowas. It took me a while to remember wher…

Outstanding Footwear

"I work for the US Forest Service on the Teton Helitack/Rappel Crew. Two of us on the crew recently purchased the Banff Pro boots to replace our fire boots.

Long story short, I wore them on an initial attack fire in the Wyoming Range. We flew in and hiked off 12 miles. My other crew member took his out of the box and went straight to work.

These are the nicest (comfortable) boots that we have ever worn. A former crew member on the West Yellowstone Smokejumpers also uses the Banff Pro on fires. His assessment is the same: great boots.

Thank you for such outstanding footwear.
B. M., Teton Rappel Crew
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