June 12, 2012

The Best Times...


 My Lowa boots have taken me all over America's National Parks, many of the highest peaks of the United States and on the Long Trail of Vermont.....

 They are the best and I thank you.... They have made the best times of my life comfortable and confident on all terrains!

~ Laura K.
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June 5, 2012

Swamps, mountains and now.. Afghanistan

Louisiana Swampland

I was issued a pair of your Zephyr GTX hiking shoes at Fort Polk, Louisiana almost three years ago. They are are on my feet right now as I write this from Afghanistan.

These shoes have spent a year in the worst swamps in Louisiana, I have hiked up mountains in Alaska with them, and at month six in Afghanistan they are showing no sign of wearing out anytime soon.

They are the sturdiest and most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I appreciate your professionalism and high quality product.

~ Travis C.
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June 1, 2012

My Thanks to All of You

My name is Christine and I live in Australia. I am in the Australian Defence Force and I am preparing to deploy to Afghanistan.

My friend highly recommended the Lowa Zephyr Desert boots so my search began. I had difficulty finding the women's version of the Zephyr so I asked a question through the Lowa website. I was directed to use the local distributor in New Zealand for assistance. John McMath of Beattie Matheson distributors, in New Zealand, was wonderful. He went above and beyond expected of someone trying to sell a pair of boots. As he did not stock the boots I needed, he went on an international search to help me. He also provided detailed and thorough feedback on the type of boot I was after and whether they are what is suitable for my particular requirements.

He located some boots in Germany and was willing to get them shipped for me but alas I was not going to be able to receive them in time before I deployed. In addition to John in New Zealand I received assistance from a USA retail store, Summit Hut, in Arizona. Again, the Lowa Staff went out of their way to help one person in Australia get a pair of boots.

I have been overwhelmed by the professionalism, willingness to help and general courtesy provided to me by a variety of people involved in Lowa boots. Congratulations to Lowa for associating with such professional people. I do not usually provide feedback and write letters, but this was such an outstanding situation, it warranted the effort. My thanks to all of you...

~ Christine P.

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