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LOWA Insider's Guide to Great Gifts

Gift-Giving Inspiration from LOWA Field Ambassadors
Did you know?LOWA has a team of Field Ambassadors ~ hikers, climbers, high altitude adventurers... Real people with some really interesting stories! They found us because they had already found our shoes. Our footwear has taken them to some amazing places. And, they can take you there, too. Through their writings, videos and photography. Or, joining them on a guided trip.

Check out some of the unique offerings from the LOWA Field Ambassadors

Three great books, two written by LOWA Field Ambassadors. [Click the links to visit a website where you can purchase these books.]

A chilling story of friendship and survival written by Jim Davidson.The perfect stocking stuffer for man's best friend ~ with trail difficulty ranked from 1-4 paws. Written by Lisa Densmore.Also recommended: Reflections on 50 years of Backpacking written by, Jim Kern, an outdoor enthusiast we admire. 

Other cool stuff from LOWA Field Ambassadors ~ [Click the link…