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La Luz Trail

I'm soooo proud of my 15 year old son ~ for completing a round trip 20 mile hike of the famous La Luz Trail on the west face of the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico.

The hike is strenuous, with 3,775 ft of elevation gain and a grade of 12% and travels through 4 climatic zones. La Luz begins at 7,050ft and ends at Sandia Crest above 10,678ft.

I hiked this trail over 17 years ago. It was a memorable experience in my life and an accomplishment I'm very proud of. And now my son, Jackson, has followed in my own footsteps and I am so proud of him!!!!!!!!

- Lisa W.
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Jimmy, the Mountain Expert

My cat Jimmy loves my Lowa Mountain Expert GTX boots as much as I do!

~ Scott R.
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The Volcanoes of Ecuador

This January, I went on a third expedition in my Lowa mountaineering boots, visiting the volcanoes of Ecuador.

In the town of Machachi, we hitched a ride in an onion truck and shared the New Years Eve festival with some of the young residents.

High above the valley floor, we successfully climbed four volcanoes ranging from 15,708 feet (Corazon) to 20,702 feet (Chimborazo).

Our favorite was Cayambe (18,993 feet), partially because of its remote nature, but mostly because of the spectacular glacier that straddles the Equator itself.

In the fog, we scouted the approach to the glacier the evening before.

After two hours of sleep, we roped up and crossed the imaginary equator line on the glacier sometime around midnight.

We made the top early enough to see the long shadow of the mountain, stretching across the jungle far below.

All the best, Lowa.

Jim Davidson
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