500 Miles Across Northern Spain

Santiago de Compostela's 10th century Romanesque and Gothic cathedral.
Some people ask how I walked 500 miles across northern Spain in 4 weeks. 

All I can say is, on the Camino de Santiago, my LOWA Renegades were my best friend.

Each morning, I stepped out of the hostels before the crack of dawn with nothing but the sound of my boots on gravel in my ears. My LOWA boots brought me through dust and rain with hardly any blisters or pain.

The top photo - of my boots in front of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela - captures the moment at which I arrive at the final destination of the entire pilgrimage. I was so thankful for my Renegades that carried me 500 miles across Spain and the best adventure of my life thus far.

The Camino de Santiago was the last trip for my Lowa boots. I bought them when I was headed out as a freshman in college and am now retiring them as a graduating senior and a weathered pilgrim from the Camino de Santiago.

Can't wait for my next pair!

Madeline Y.

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Anonymous said…
Brought a pair of these to Afghanistan too. Had them for 3 years as well....sadly they have been through hell and are almost about to be retired.

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