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25 Miles, No Blisters

I've been wearing Lowa Zephyr Boots for 3 years now. Been on long grueling hikes through the Alaskan mountains and through the mountains of Afghanistan.

I have 3 pairs of them and they are all holding strong. They do not fall apart at all. 25 mile hikes and I've never gotten any blisters. This is definitely the best pair of boots I've ever come across.


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500 Miles Across Northern Spain

Some people ask how I walked 500 miles across northern Spain in 4 weeks. 

All I can say is, on the Camino de Santiago, my LOWA Renegades were my best friend.

Each morning, I stepped out of the hostels before the crack of dawn with nothing but the sound of my boots on gravel in my ears. My LOWA boots brought me through dust and rain with hardly any blisters or pain.

The top photo - of my boots in front of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela - captures the moment at which I arrive at the final destination of the entire pilgrimage. I was so thankful for my Renegades that carried me 500 miles across Spain and the best adventure of my life thus far.

The Camino de Santiago was the last trip for my Lowa boots. I bought them when I was headed out as a freshman in college and am now retiring them as a graduating senior and a weathered pilgrim from the Camino de Santiago.

Can't wait for my next pair!

Madeline Y.

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Winter in Yellowstone

Dear LOWA;
I have just completed a winter guide season here in Yellowstone Park using your Couloir GTX G3 boots and wanted to let you know what a great product they are.

We find ourselves in and out of heated environments, in the office, guiding in the snowcoach, then interpretive walks in Yellowstone’s winter landscape.

Your boots kept my feet dry (never clammy) and warm on the coldest days. The G3 sole worked great [no slipping] on the icy boardwalks in the geyser basins.

They are light for a winter boot, but are very supportive and up for our longer treks. These will be my preferred winter guide boot for years to come!

Randy R.
Yellowstone Vacations
West Yellowstone, Montana

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Why I Always Wear Lowa Boots

When hunting abroad, weight restrictions make carrying backup gear difficult. The LOWA boots that were on my feet when I left Idaho to hunt Ibex in the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan were the same boots I wore to 16,000 feet and sub-zero temperatures on this expedition.

Three years and two pair of boot laces later, the same boots were on my feet as I crawled into a cave after a wounded javelina in the arid Sonoran desert of Mexico. No backups.

That's why I always wear Lowa boots.

Merril H.

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Tools and Gear ~ by Ron Spomer

Ron Spomer (a LOWA-sponsored athlete) has traveled the globe photographing and writing about wild creatures, and the wild places they inhabit. We thought you might enjoy his take on choosing a sound pair of boots to take you anywhere you'd like to go.

"No boot works perfectly in all circumstances. A stiff, supportive mountain boot might be a hindrance on rolling plains. A flexible, comfortable upland bird boot could be chewed to tatters by jagged rocks. A cool, summer desert boot will give your feet the cold shoulder in snowy November mountains.

Before buying, clearly identify the use to which you’ll put your boots. Define by terrain (steep or flat), habitat (rocks, sand, dirt, snow, mud, grass, brush), and weather (cold, hot, wet, dry.) For summer hiking in dry deserts with gently rolling terrain, something with a flexible sole, light leather, no insulation and no waterproofing would be perfect. If cheat grass seeds and sand are likely to fly up and into boot tops, choose an 8…