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Mud-Mucking in Ethiopia

Thanks to my fantastic Lowa boots...

My feet stayed dry and comfortable.
For 6 weeks of walking

through rainy rural villages in Ethiopia.
Through calf high puddles and muddy fields!
Thanks Lowa!

~ Kate S.

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Skiing Everest

Brothers, Mike & Steve Marolt, photo courtesy of Outside Magazine.
Who has the drive to lug professional video equipment and skis — without the aid of supplemental oxygen, Sherpas or altitude drugs — up the icy, barren north ridge of Mount Everest?

Who has the desire to then point his skis downhill — from an elevation of 25,098 feet — so he can film the ensuing descents of his twin brother and cousin?

In his forties, with two kids, a mortgage and a full-time day job as an accountant, Mike Marolt certainly doesn't fit the mold of a pioneering producer of ski films. Nor does he have any aspirations of being the next Warren Miller.

"Skiing on the roof of the world doesn't really look sexy on camera," Marolt says. "Literally, it's like trying to ski down the icy roof of a barn, with a fatal fall of some 4,000 feet if you make one mistake."

"It's also hard to make it look exciting because it's the ultimate in conservative skiing," Marolt…

RIP Sweet Lowas!

My Lowa low hikers have taken me on countless hikes over the past 10 years. I favored these light boots because I rarely, if ever, got blisters.

Most recently I hiked up Mt. Whitney from Whitney Portal. This had been on my bucket list for some time. Apparently, it was on my Lowa's bucket list, as well.

The soles began to rapidly separate from the shoes about 3 miles from the top. Of course, duct tape was the only option.

I was able to continue to the top and hike all the way back down to the portal (14 more miles with duct tape).

My feet never got wet from any of the half dozen stream crossings and I did not get one blister. RIP sweet Lowas!

~ Camille L.

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