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Back in '75...

The first pair of expedition boots I ever purchased, in 1975, were Lowa. They haven't produced the model for years.

They were leather and it was a triple boot called Lowa-Eiger-Hiebler-Triplex. The leather shell weighed quite a bit. The inner boot was also leather and the 'triple' part was a removable felt liner. Hiebler is a reference to Tony Hiebler who made the 1st winter ascent of the Eiger North Face.

 I had worn rubber 'vapor barrier' boots (Korean boots, aka 'bunny boots') on three previous McKinley expeditions ('72, '73, '74) and by 1975 I'd had enough of those (no support!) and went with the Lowa's. I wore them for years on McKinley and Mt Rainier. I also recall making the mistake (I was a kid) of wearing them on a climb of Mt Olympus which involved 36 miles of trail travel through the Hoh Rainforest in 2 days roundtrip.

Lowa has been around a long time and they make a terrific product.

~ Joe H, RMI Guides

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36 Countries, 8 Months

I'd like to thank and speak out on behalf of LOWA's fantastic customer service. I've had three unfortunate opportunities that merited contacting LOWA, and each time they've proven themselves dedicated to their customer base, supportive, generous, and polite.

In an era where manufacturers and distributors often write off their customers as nothing more than a fat checkbook, LOWA's support team makes a difference, cares about its customers, and strives to give the highest possible service and product.

The comfort, versatility, reputation and durability of their boots drew me to the company and my first purchase, their attitude and the way they've interacted with me as a customer has secured me as a dedicated return customer.

I've worn my LOWA boots, first my Kodys, then my Renegades through 36 countries over eight months:
- Western Europe
- Eastern Europe
- Turkey
- Central Europe
- Plus, the UK and Ireland.

My Renegades have served me here in the states through …

Greetings from the Nangarhar Province...

I am currently stationed in Eastern Afghanistan with the U.S. Army and wear my Lowa boots every day. They are fantastic. They really are the best boots I have ever owned and I own a lot of boots.

This photograph is me standing beside the Kunar River in Kama district, Nangarhar Province. I like Afghanistan and intend to kayak this river at some point in the future.

David R.

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