'Round the World in my LOWA Boots

I've been on 6 continents and in more than 25 countries for both business and pleasure.

My job as a Marketing Manager at Cisco Systems takes me places. And, so do my Lowa Renegades.

I'm also a professional photographer and avid traveler.

My trips have taken me from the Amazon Jungle to the Great Wall of China. From Botswana to the Galapagos Islands. Through the streets of Sydney, Prague and more.

Wherever I go, I'm carrying a camera and wearing my Lowa Renegades.

From the moment I laced them up, they fit perfectly. I've used them for backpacking, hiking, and simple city walking. Together, we've endured floods, mud, baking heat, and freezing cold.

On many of my trips I traveled alone, so I used my Renegades as the subject in my photos. After the first shot at the Great Wall in China, I decided to continue the series and shoot my boots wherever we went.

The pictures eventually made it back to the Lowa team in Connecticut where they can still be seen in the Lowa Customer Center.

I'm on my third pair of Renegades now. My work, at Cisco, enables me to continue my business travel.

My photography business allows me to travel for pleasure to pursue my two passions ~ music and wildlife. And, while the world is an ever-changing place, there is one constant. My Lowa boots.

I'm eternally grateful that, not only are they comfortable, they're also waterproof.

- Andrew H.


Anonymous said…
P said…
Great Boots! Great Pictures. Lowa Boots have their own Personality.
Anonymous said…
Great Boots! Great Pictures! Lowa Boots have their OWN Personality!
layana said…
I envy those boots! They have been to more places than I have. Looking at these pictures just made me jealous.
Alex said…
I am very interested in these boots. You bought them the same size as used for normal shoes?
Bye, Ale
Anonymous said…
I am very interested in these boots. You bought them the same size as used for normal shoes?
Anonymous said…
truly a life around a boot. very intriguing to see. inspiring.
PearlmanNate said…
Combat boots and beer. Now why didn't I think of that? Thanks for the idea, mate.

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