Hurricanes on the AT

When we hiked the Appalachian Trail, we got caught in a hurricane.

My hiking partner was wearing Lowa Boots, I was not. Even though my boots were a name brand and expensive, halfway through the storm, they started coming unglued, literally, and began to leak water like a sieve.

The Lowas? Withstanding everything possible: mud, water, debris, hopping boulders, you name it. We continued to hike another 3 days before reaching a town. I had to tie my boots together and the water didn't start drying until the third day.

My feet felt as if they had been placed in concrete blocks, my boots were so heavy and waterlogged. My friends Lowa boots dried out in less than 1/2 day. Needless to say, I own nothing but Lowa boots now and will never buy any other kind of outdoor boot!

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