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'Round the World in my LOWA Boots

I've been on 6 continents and in more than 25 countries for both business and pleasure.

My job as a Marketing Manager at Cisco Systems takes me places. And, so do my Lowa Renegades.

I'm also a professional photographer and avid traveler.

My trips have taken me from the Amazon Jungle to the Great Wall of China. From Botswana to the Galapagos Islands. Through the streets of Sydney, Prague and more.

Wherever I go, I'm carrying a camera and wearing my Lowa Renegades.

From the moment I laced them up, they fit perfectly. I've used them for backpacking, hiking, and simple city walking. Together, we've endured floods, mud, baking heat, and freezing cold.

On many of my trips I traveled alone, so I used my Renegades as the subject in my photos. After the first shot at the Great Wall in China, I decided to continue the series and shoot my boots wherever we went.

The pictures eventually made it back to the Lowa team in Connecticut where they can still be seen in …

Aussie in Action

"100 miles, with just a pocket knife and my Renegades! My boots survived the adventure and so did we!" 

Australian stuntwoman and outdoor guide, Ky Furneaux, explains why she loved her LOWA Renegades on an ultra-minimalist, 10 day, 100 mile trek across the Sierra Nevadas.

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Hurricanes on the AT

When we hiked the Appalachian Trail, we got caught in a hurricane.

My hiking partner was wearing Lowa Boots, I was not. Even though my boots were a name brand and expensive, halfway through the storm, they started coming unglued, literally, and began to leak water like a sieve.

The Lowas? Withstanding everything possible: mud, water, debris, hopping boulders, you name it. We continued to hike another 3 days before reaching a town. I had to tie my boots together and the water didn't start drying until the third day.

My feet felt as if they had been placed in concrete blocks, my boots were so heavy and waterlogged. My friends Lowa boots dried out in less than 1/2 day. Needless to say, I own nothing but Lowa boots now and will never buy any other kind of outdoor boot!

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Brutal and Beautiful: Makalu Summit

Juniper burning as we round the Stupa leaving Base Camp clears the last of the morning from our head and refills it with a pure clarity for the summit.

We have days ahead of us now, where we are not just going to Camp 2 or 3, but going as high as we can as fast as we can and then coming down, so the tension is much higher.

At 'crampon point' this feeling is reinforced as we put on our double boots, crampons, harnesses and sheath our ice axes. Ice screws and figure eights clank in the early morning light.

By 3 pm we are in our tents at Camp 2, eating, drinking, fighting alternating blasts of sun and clouds bringing drafts of cold air and spindrift. Bunter is holding the fort at Base Camp and updates on the weather, we either have more wind and less snow or more snow and less wind. I've been studying graphs for days - finally choose our summit day. The weatherman recommend otherwise, but after 15 seasons in the Himalayas, I look up at the sky, talk to the Sherpas about Lucky…