Amazing Good Luck @ the Otter

I was sitting on the deck of my favorite burrito restaurant, The Lucky Otter, enjoying a few margaritas when a woman I've never met approached and asked what size shoe I wear.

Strange come-on... I thought to myself, but I humored her. And, I gave here the correct answer, too, not wanting to mislead her with the old adage about the correlation between feet and, well, you know.

Then she asked whether I do any mountaineering. I said yes and continued to be puzzled by her questions. "Perfect," she said. "I have something to give you."

She went to her car and returned with a pair of Civetta GTX Extremes in just my size. She gave them to me and said they'd belonged to her former husband who had died a few years ago.

She said it was time to turn loose of all his old 'stuff' and wanted me to have them. How fortuitous! Great story, huh? I thanked her for the gift, bought her a few margs and made a new friend.

~ Jeff

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