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As strong, now, as they were then...

I received a pair of your boots about five years ago as a gift. They have withstood temperatures from -60 degrees to +140 degrees fahrenheit.

They have forded rivers, climbed mountains, hiked through knee deep snow and shifting sand. They've had motor oil spilled on them, paint dripped on them, soaked through and through.

The tread is as strong, now, as it was then. After 5 years, despite my best effort they are only now starting to show wear.

Thank you for making some of the best boots in the world.

~Patrick C.

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Quest of the 7 Summits

Erik Weihenmayer and three partners, all accomplished expeditioners, climbed up and then skied down 18,500-foot Mt. Elbrus in Russia. The team was outfitted with LOWA Struktura GTX AT boots -- the same boots used by the Marolt brothers to successfully ski Everest.

Mt. Elbrus was Erik's sixth expedition on his quest to conquer seven summits (the highest points on each continent). Last May the team set five new records on Mt. Everest.

And, oh, by the way... Erik is blind.

Notes from Elbrus, Russia - Summit #6
On June 6th we arrived in southern Russia, on the border of Georgia and Chechnya and then bussed 4 hrs to the base of Mt Elbrus. After spending a couple of days skiing and getting acclimated, we began our ascent.

The route went from 11,000 feet to 13,800 where we camped for a night. That next morning, June 13th, we went for the summit at 6 am in whiteout conditions.

We skinned as high as we could before we had to don our crampons on the blue glacier ice. The Structura Gortex boots …

Walking Our Way Through Italy

In Italy we walked until we were comatose!

Our first stop was Venice. What a city! No cars. Great art. And wonderful food. One of our favorite places was Piazza San Marco. Alison fed the pigeons, and was quickly surrounded. Looked like a friendly version of "The Birds". The Doges' Palace is remarkable because of the art and the architecture.

I was in my LOWA Tempests, and they were awesome. Standing or walking eight hours a day, sometimes putting on ten miles or more, my feet were never sore.

Positano, an old seaport city just below Rome on the Amalfi Coast was our next stop. The city is built on a mountain, which descends into the sea. Walking is either straight up or down. Our hotel was at sea level so we walked up. Positano was the perfect place for relaxation. Reading on the beach. Good food. Lots of sunshine.

On the second day we drove to Naples and Pompeii. It was enlightening. Ancient Pompeii was organized, progressive, and very liberal. John Birch would have hated …

Exceeded My Expectations

I have owned Lowa boots for about 5 years. I purchased the Jannu Lo April 2007 and I wear them everyday.

Hiking, running, walking the dogs... they are the best boots in the world. I've recently purchased a new pair of Tempest QC's and again Lowa has exceeded my expectations.

I also love the fact that Lowa makes boots with no Gore-tex. I live in Arizona and in the heat you do not want Gore-tex. I sincerely LOVE MY LOWA BOOTS. I'm very loyal to Lowa, and will be a Forever Customer.

Terry S.
Maricopa, Arizona

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