Zephyr Deserts in Afghanistan

Dear LOWA;

I purchased a pair of Lowa Zephyr Desert boots when I learned my unit was going to Afghanistan.

After walking over 450 kilometers through the rugged terrain consisting of rock, wadi lines that soaked our boots daily, and desert with thorny bushes, I discovered that my boots had finally started to wear out.

They lasted longer than other boots I have owned and I plan to get another pair soon.

Even though they are rotting from constant immersion in mud and water they are still comfortable.

Thank you for making such a quality product.
-  SSG McKinnis, Infantry Squad Leader, Afghanistan

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Karl from Cape Town said…
Oh yes. I have been searching for a warm weather hiking boot that I can use in the South African heat...I think these are the boots! Thanks for the post, you have made up my mind.
Ryan.C said…
Yeah, thanks for post. I live in New Mexico and I use these for desert hiking.

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