"Tough Enough for the Homeless"

My name is Scott and I 'live' in Portland, Oregon. Five months ago, as the economy took a nosedive, I lost my job, was unable to pay my rent, and ended up 'living' on the streets.

I spend my time in Portland's Hollywood District, in and around Starbucks, Whole Foods, Hollywood Theatre, and the Saturday Market, sometimes selling newspapers and picking up odd jobs.

It was at this Starbucks that I met a film producer who just finished a good little 55 minute movie/documentary about me being homeless.

I am writing to Lowa Boots because I want you all to see it. I own your Zephyr GTX Mid Hiking Boots and wanted you to know that they are definitely 'tough enough' for a homeless man on the streets of Portland!

Thanks for making a great pair of boots.

* The film, "Homeless in PDX," documents Scott's daily life and struggles as he searches for work and a way out of this situation.

Live in the Portland area? Feel you can help? You can email Scott by clicking HERE.

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