My LOWAs Survived a War

I am a United States Marine who has just returned from Kuwait with a pair of your boots and I would like to personally thank you. I first heard about the LOWA Tanarks in a Men's Fitness article and I bought them during all the talk, when war with Iraq seemed inevitable.

In the months leading up to the war, my unit, 1st Recon Battalion of the 1st Marine Division, went from military base to military base — getting in as much diverse climate training as possible.

I wore my Lowa Tanarks from mountain training in Tahoe, California, to desert training in Palm Springs. These boots were on my feet from departure to Kuwait on the 1st night of the war to the end of our post-war peace keeping efforts. They walked through almost every major city from Al Nasiriyah, to Al Hay, to Al Kut, to Baghdad, to Ba Gubah, and then back down south to the Kuwaiti International Airport.

My Tanarks took a beating, survived a war, and got me home blister-free. I would like to personally thank you for making such a great boot.

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