Hiking the Big Mountains of Colorado

I was getting ready to spend 10 days in Colorado doing nothing but hiking. A month before the trip, I had decided to buy a new hiking boots at REI and with the advice of one of their employees, purchased a pair of LOWA Tempest Lo's. I did not have much time to break the boots in, so as soon as I arrived in Colorado I went on a 7-mile hike to Waldo Canyon just west of Colorado Springs. The hike was great and the boots were extremely comfortable. My feet felt great.

The following day I went hiking to St. Mary's Alice just west of Denver. Not only did I hike up to the glacier, but also above and beyond. I had no problems hiking up the snow-covered glacier and once the glacier was conquered, I saw two peaks two miles ahead. This took me above treeline and beyond.

A couple more miles brought me to the base of one of the two peaks. Seeing a storm heading in, I quickly headed back to treeline. Heading down the glacier was extremely easy. The traction in these new hiking boots was awesome especially on the snow and ice. In no time I was back at the trailhead and my feet felt great.

Two days later, I went to Quandary Peak, Colorado's 13th highest mountain at 14,265 feet. Hiking up Quandary was a challenge for this lowlander, but with the comfort of these hiking boots, I made my way up with ease. Less than 500ft. from the summit, an enormous rumble of thunder halted my hike. For a moment I thought I could summit Quandary Peak, but something told me my life was worth more than this peak and I would be back another day to conquer it.

I turned around and quickly began to descend the mountain to treeline. No sooner than 30 seconds after the first ripple of thunder there was a quick flash of lightning, an immediate clash of thunder, and the ground began to shake. My quick descent turned into a thigh burning, quad killing run down to mountain to escape the storm.

It began to sleet and snow as I descended the mountain. I had to cross boulder beds at times to continue along the trail, but my LOWA's kept me from slipping on the wet boulders. Soon I was below 12,000 feet and the sun began to shine above. The sleet stopped and clear blue skies appeared above Quandary Peak. Too tired and in too much pain I depressingly continued to head down the mountain knowing that mother nature had defeated me that day. I will conquer Quandary Peak another time.

Three days later and after an hour of massage therapy on my legs, I headed out early morning with a friend to hike Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Bross. We began our hike at 6AM and it was absolutely beautiful outside.

As we were hiking up Mt. Democrat, we could see that the summit was under cloud cover. As we approached the summit the winds kept growing stronger and stronger, but we persevered and by 9:30 we had reached the summit of Mt. Democrat (14,148 ft).

At first we could not see anything more than 50 feet from us because of the cloud cover. From time to time we would get a quick glimpse of the mountain ranges off in the distance. Mt. Demo SummitStill it was beautiful up there and peaceful. On our way down the clouds began to break and we were treated to a wonderful site of the Rocky Mountains. We could see several ranges and mountains from every view - Mt. Massive, Pikes Peak, the Collegiate Peaks and Mt. Elbert. Soon we found ourselves descending 750 feet and once again ascending up toward Mt. Cameron. We reached the summit of Cameron (14,238ft), but were too exhausted to go onto Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross. We enjoyed the views that Cameron had to offer and we headed back down to Kite lake and eventually back to Colorado Springs.

Your hiking boots are awesome! They are the most comfortable boots I have ever hiked with and I will continue to hike with LOWA boots in the future. With all the hiking over the boulders and rocks, I found your boots to be really comfortable and provide excellent support.

Thanks for making a great hiking boot.
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