A blind date that turned into a love affair...

Northern Lights in Iceland

My husband and I married to join the Peace Corps together, but that’s not the love affair I’m speaking of (although we’re still completely in love). My love affair has been with a pair of Lowa hiking shoes. Just a few weeks before we packed most of our belongings into storage and the remaining select items into our luggage to head off for the Peace Corps, my husband ordered a pair of Lowa boots online.

When they arrived, he found them to be too tight. I found them to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Wearing these shoes, I am totally unaware that I am wearing shoes at all, because they fit so well. They have never rubbed, caused blisters, or made my feet sore. I can wear them all day, day after day, and my feet still feel terrific.

Finger Lakes, New York

These boots accompanied me to Suriname, and more recently to Iceland (they were the only pair of shoes I brought). I wear them in the spring and in the fall when I stack the wood that keeps us warm all winter. I wear them for hikes in the beautiful region of the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY that I call home. And now that one of them is beginning to deteriorate, I’m concerned that I’ll never find a pair this perfect to replace them.

The left shoe has remained in great condition, but for some reason the right has started to come apart. I kept wearing them this fall despite this, because I couldn’t stand to say goodbye! But thank you for providing me with so many years of excellent footwear—they have lasted just shy of 10 years! I hope to find another pair of Lowas very soon for the decade to come.


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