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The Bad Water Walkabout

One man. One knife. 135 miles across Death Valley. Living off the land.

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The View from Island Peak ~ Nepal

Hey, Lowa!
This is me near the narrow summit of Island Peak in Nepal.

Elevation 20,307 feet.

After weeks of bad weather this joint was as crowded as the local pub during happy hour! I had time to snap one quick pick and then step aside for other eager mountaineers.

Check out my Expedition 8000's. They got me to the top. Safe. Sound. Warm and comfy. Thanks Lowa.

Daniel N.
Satori Adventures and Expeditions

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California's Top Survivalist Yaks up his Lowas

"My Lowa's held up better than me..."

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Thanks, Folks!

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to say thanks for such incredible service. I had a beloved pair of Lowa Trekkers that carried me safely and happily around the world several times over the course of 10 years; eventually they gave up the ghost on the Kalalau trail in Kauai, a fitting place to put such good friends to rest.

I contacted you guys asking about changes in boot manufacturing in those 10 years (the Trekkers fit my feet perfectly with no break-in!), and I got an e-mail back from the General Manager with the good news that the Trekkers were still made in the same shape, but that there were newer options available too.

I opted for something new, and was again walking on happy feet for another 3 years. At that point some of the stitching on the left inner ankle started to pull out; again I contacted you guys and within a couple of weeks had a new pair of *upgraded* boots, free of charge.

It's amazing in this day and age to find a company that A) makes such great products, B) is so resp…

17 Years of Great Miles

I literally walked the soles off my Lowas! I have owned them and worn them for more than 17 years.

I bought them in Germany in the Black Forest region and hiked many miles there with them as well as in Austria, Minnesota, and Texas. This past weekend, I put them on for the first time this season to go on a local hike and halfway through the hike, the soles fell off.

The tops of the boots still look very new and I will miss these boots dearly as they have been a part of my life for almost half of my life!

Thanks for the many great miles!
Jane G.

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High Time for Feedback

After owning four pairs of your boots, I figure it's high time to give you some feedback.

I backpack and hunt some of the toughest country that can be found in the U.S, and work outdoors every day.

Lowa boots have been with me for the past six years on every adventure and every work day. They have kept my feet warm, dry and comfortable every step of every adventure.

Thank you for making such a great product. You have made me a customer for life.

N. Salvatore
Washington, MI

P.S. These pictures are from last year's adventure in Western Montana. Negative 20 degrees (F) and your boots kept me going.

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Keep Up the Great Work!

Dear Lowa,

In 2005, I bought your Women's Tibet GTX boots in Zuoz, Switzerland. The moment I slipped my feet into those boots they were like "slippers" with Vibram soles.

I asked the salesman to dispose of my old boots and I wore my new Lowas out of the store.

I have hiked all the high mountain peaks of the White Mountains in New England, including Mount Washington, every summer.

And, while many of my friends worry about getting their feet wet and complain of blisters and hotspots, I don't bat an eye when I walk through a stream or feel the ankle support when scrambling on the granite peaks under a heavy pack in my home state of New Hampshire.

I will be buying a second pair come Spring 2012! These boots are everything when I think of German craftsmanship and design. Keep up the great work!

Susan P.
Barrington, NH USA

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As Comfy as My Slippers

In the last 10 years I have worn Tempest II's, Klondike GTX's, and now Renegade II GTX Lo's.

I have just purchased my sixth pair of Lowas. Nothing else compares for comfort and performance. I have done many day trips in the white mountains, I hunt with them in the early fall and I hike several miles every day with my German Shorthair Pointers.

 They are as comfortable as a pair of slippers everytime I put them on. The waterproof Gore-Tex is a must-have for New Hampshire winters and spring seasons.

Thanks for a great product!!

John R.
New Hampshire

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14 Mountains, Zero Oxygen for Austrian Alpinist

Stepping into the mountaineering record books, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, age 40, last week became the first woman to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks without using supplementary oxygen. The Austrian alpinist, who is a LOWA Boots International Field Ambassador, using Mountaineering boots supplied by LOWA is also supported by grants from the National Geographic Society

Gerlinde and her team reached the top of K2, the world’s second-tallest mountain and arguably its most difficult and deadly, just after 6p.m. on August 23.

Kaltenbrunner waded though waist-deep snow and battled the peak’s common high winds and avalanche conditions to make it to the top. She was one of four climbers to reach the summit last week, including Maxut Zhumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov of Kazakhstan, and Darek Zaluski of Poland. Kaltenbrunner’s husband, Ralf Dujmovits, and photographer Tomas Heinrich had turned back to base camp further down the mountain.

Climbing all the world’s 8,000-meter peaks puts K…

Mud-Mucking in Ethiopia

Thanks to my fantastic Lowa boots...

My feet stayed dry and comfortable.
For 6 weeks of walking

through rainy rural villages in Ethiopia.
Through calf high puddles and muddy fields!
Thanks Lowa!

~ Kate S.

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Skiing Everest

Brothers, Mike & Steve Marolt, photo courtesy of Outside Magazine.
Who has the drive to lug professional video equipment and skis — without the aid of supplemental oxygen, Sherpas or altitude drugs — up the icy, barren north ridge of Mount Everest?

Who has the desire to then point his skis downhill — from an elevation of 25,098 feet — so he can film the ensuing descents of his twin brother and cousin?

In his forties, with two kids, a mortgage and a full-time day job as an accountant, Mike Marolt certainly doesn't fit the mold of a pioneering producer of ski films. Nor does he have any aspirations of being the next Warren Miller.

"Skiing on the roof of the world doesn't really look sexy on camera," Marolt says. "Literally, it's like trying to ski down the icy roof of a barn, with a fatal fall of some 4,000 feet if you make one mistake."

"It's also hard to make it look exciting because it's the ultimate in conservative skiing," Marolt…

RIP Sweet Lowas!

My Lowa low hikers have taken me on countless hikes over the past 10 years. I favored these light boots because I rarely, if ever, got blisters.

Most recently I hiked up Mt. Whitney from Whitney Portal. This had been on my bucket list for some time. Apparently, it was on my Lowa's bucket list, as well.

The soles began to rapidly separate from the shoes about 3 miles from the top. Of course, duct tape was the only option.

I was able to continue to the top and hike all the way back down to the portal (14 more miles with duct tape).

My feet never got wet from any of the half dozen stream crossings and I did not get one blister. RIP sweet Lowas!

~ Camille L.

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Expeditions on Mt. Pisco

I recently had the opportunity to review and utilize the Expedition 6000 boot while on a summit bid of Mt. Pisco in Peru. 

I was really impressed! They were warm, super comfortable, durable and fit great. The workmanship is top notch and the features allow you to use this boot in a variety of terrain and conditions. As a mountain guide, I can appreciate a good boot and Lowa seems to have figured this out.

~ Dan N.
Satori Adventures & Expeditions

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Thx 4 the Decade...

After ten years in my favorite hiking boots of all time, the sole of my right Lowa boot fell off 1/3 of the way down Catamount Mountain in the Adirondacks.

Luckily, there was enough under-sole that remained to allow me to continue our descent without a problem (in fact, it still felt like a slipper).

I was hoping that if I send you a photo of the boots, you'd be able to recommend a replacement as close to the original as possible. Thanks for a decade of hiking in comfort.

~ Nina M.

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Forest Duty

Get one pair. They last a long time ~ even on forest fire duty. Cheers Lowa!
~ Nick O.
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Back in '75...

The first pair of expedition boots I ever purchased, in 1975, were Lowa. They haven't produced the model for years.

They were leather and it was a triple boot called Lowa-Eiger-Hiebler-Triplex. The leather shell weighed quite a bit. The inner boot was also leather and the 'triple' part was a removable felt liner. Hiebler is a reference to Tony Hiebler who made the 1st winter ascent of the Eiger North Face.

 I had worn rubber 'vapor barrier' boots (Korean boots, aka 'bunny boots') on three previous McKinley expeditions ('72, '73, '74) and by 1975 I'd had enough of those (no support!) and went with the Lowa's. I wore them for years on McKinley and Mt Rainier. I also recall making the mistake (I was a kid) of wearing them on a climb of Mt Olympus which involved 36 miles of trail travel through the Hoh Rainforest in 2 days roundtrip.

Lowa has been around a long time and they make a terrific product.

~ Joe H, RMI Guides

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36 Countries, 8 Months

I'd like to thank and speak out on behalf of LOWA's fantastic customer service. I've had three unfortunate opportunities that merited contacting LOWA, and each time they've proven themselves dedicated to their customer base, supportive, generous, and polite.

In an era where manufacturers and distributors often write off their customers as nothing more than a fat checkbook, LOWA's support team makes a difference, cares about its customers, and strives to give the highest possible service and product.

The comfort, versatility, reputation and durability of their boots drew me to the company and my first purchase, their attitude and the way they've interacted with me as a customer has secured me as a dedicated return customer.

I've worn my LOWA boots, first my Kodys, then my Renegades through 36 countries over eight months:
- Western Europe
- Eastern Europe
- Turkey
- Central Europe
- Plus, the UK and Ireland.

My Renegades have served me here in the states through …

Greetings from the Nangarhar Province...

I am currently stationed in Eastern Afghanistan with the U.S. Army and wear my Lowa boots every day. They are fantastic. They really are the best boots I have ever owned and I own a lot of boots.

This photograph is me standing beside the Kunar River in Kama district, Nangarhar Province. I like Afghanistan and intend to kayak this river at some point in the future.

David R.

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