Lac des Grenouilles, Mercantour, France

Lac des Grenouilles, Mercantour, France

The picturesque Mercantour National Park stretches over 270 square miles, northeast of Nice, between the Roya and Bevera Valleys.

Glacial lakes pool at the base of Mount Bego, including the Lac des Grenouilles, offering breathtaking scenic views. Over 40,000 rock engravings are concentrated in the vicinity of Mount Bego, most dating back to early Bronze Age. They constitute the largest open-air engraving collection in the world.

Among the park’s other distinctive features is over 2,000 wildflower species - 200 of them are rare flowers; 30 are endemic species, some dating back to the end of the Ice Age.

Olive groves, glaciers, forests, alpine meadows, canyons, waterfalls, and lakes, all contribute to the beauty of this extraordinary natural resource.

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pimalai said…
That is an amazing shot. The little yellow flowers add a nice touch of color to the already stunning combination of greens, whites, and blues. This place should definitely be added to the itinerary of anyone looking at a French vacation.

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