Breithorn, Steinernes Meer, Austria

Breithorn, Steinernes Meer, Austria

Austria conjures images of lush alpine valleys, framed by jagged snowy peaks. That’s nice, but we opted for the Walk On The Moon.

The Steinernes Meer, or Sea of Stones, is a massive limestone area located in the Salzburger Alps. This other-wordly mountain region acts as a natural border between Salzburg and Bavaria (Germany.)

Once an ancient sea, 200 million year old fossils are often discovered by spelunkers, exploring the region’s remote and often uncharted caves. Keep your eye on the skies as this area is a ‘must-do’ for paragliders from around the world.

Hut to hut adventures are a popular way to explore the limestone plateau and surrounding peaks. Even the glacial trails can be tackled without crampons. Did you know a cross has been placed at the top of every Austrian peak?

Ready for a hot meal? Descend to the lively market town of Saalfelden, situated at the foot of the Steinernes Meer. Locals have been perfecting the art of brewing beer for 700 years.

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